Quality is our goal

Plaxer's quality control team works in 3 x 8-hour shifts to carry out in- process aspect controls, measurements of parts and following and respect of processes.

We use automatic electronic equipment to detect any defect.

Plaxer's commitment to quality:


Always listening to our customers

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Internal surveys are carried out by our quality department. Customer audits are regularly scheduled to ensure our products and services meet the desires and requirements of the decision-makers and assemblers.

Our high quality demands

The "total satisfaction guarantee"

If, despite our efforts, you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, we will take them back and, at our expense, reproduce them in accordance with your requirements.

Care for the environment

In partnerships with its suppliers, PLAXER is working actively to preserve the environment (with treatment plants for fluids or used oil, sorting and recycling of waste, etc. ) and has undertaken an Environmental Management approach.

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