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The plastic injection is a process that allows a minimum of operations to obtain pieces with simple or complex forms, for small to large series of production.

After studying your project, we will design the tool, called an injection mould in which the plastic will be injected where it will take the shape of the part defined during the study.

The injection mould

The injection mould, and injection tools, performs several roles:

  1. Injection of thermoplastics (plastic)
  2. Formatting thermoplastics, injection moulding
  3. Cooling of the plastic
  4. To eject the plastic part

So the injection mould is the centerpiece of the principle of plastic injection. This mould is, thereafter, mounted on a machine called injection moulding machine.

This machine will, after adjustment, serial manufacturing of your plastic objects.

We are equipped with several presses (from 300 to 1000 T) all motor and a mechanical workshop for the maintenance of your tools.

From concept to completion

Our plastics business manages for you the full cycle of designing your article. These range from 3D digitizing your object definition drawings of the piece (2D and 3D), the design of tooling and mass production of your plastic parts.

To validate the room before realization of tools, we can offer a stereolithography prototype, called 3D printing.

Moreover, Plaxer can integrate into the manufacturing process of your assembly plastic parts by screwing, welding and also the fitting of inserts using US or any other process.

Plaxer may also offer you a finish of your products like paint, soft touch, classic feel and high quality UV LED printing, and packaging according to your expectations.

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