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What we will do for you...


Several leading companies such as Faurecia, Johnson Control, ACS or Greenoffice chose Plaxer to manufacture their plastic parts.


Technical solution

Plaxer offers the complete solution for high volume Plastic Injection Moulding - from product concept design, injection moulding, tooling, manufacture, assembly and packaging on an international basis - we can help you concentrate on your business.



If you are after a bespoke solution to your high volume plastic injection moulding product requirements then you need to speak to Plaxer without delay. If you are in the medical, construction, automotive, security, agriculture or personal care industries, then Plaxer will be the right partner for you.


If you are after a French plastic injection moulding company that is ISO 9001 certified, with a wealth of technical experience within our industry, as well as a vast array of equipment, then you have found us.

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